Ordering Information

Is it a great honor when you order a print. You have no idea how humbling it is that you loved my photo enough to order a print! I love when customers share photos with me after they hang their prints.

When ordering a print, there are a few things to consider.

  • Where are you going to hang the print and what size will look best?
  • What kind of print would you like?

The second question, I can elaborate on a bit. There are several types of prints and hundreds of options. Here are some of my recommendations and best sellers:

metal print

Metal Prints

My favorite and highly recommended! Printed on high quality aluminum. Very vibrant and the colors just pop! There's no need to matte or frame comes ready to hang.

Metal Print Back

Metal prints come with a pre-mounted hanger. All you have to do is put a screw or nail in the wall and you're ready to go!

Canvas Prints

Canvas is another classic. Canvas prints are very high quality and come ready to hang on your wall.

Framed and Matted Prints

Another favorite and gives a very classic look to the print. The frame and matte color can be customized if desired. Classic black on white or black and black frame and matte work well with my colorful prints.

Framed Back

Framed prints larger than 11x14 are finished with a wire hanger. Smaller framed prints are hung by a sawtooth hanger.

Most prints are drop-shipped from my printer. However, I do keep stock of certain prints in my office. In most cases, I order a test print to make sure everything is perfect before I sell a print; however, that's not always possible.

Shipping rates vary depending on the size of the print and the number or prints ordered. Shipping is approximately 10-15% of the order total. If the shipping amount differs from that, I will contact you before I place the order and we can discuss options if the printing costs is drastically different.

We do offer print licenses for agencies, companies, and government agencies to name a few. Each agreement is unique and we can work out the details.

My work can be seen in several places including:

  • government buildings
  • museums
  • businesses
  • magazines and publications
  • websites
  • newsletters
  • calendars
  • hotels